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Our company began in 1995 when an offshore technician and two of his friends took their passion for cars and scraped together $4,500 to open Delco Auto Grooming Center in a rented car lot. One of those three friends, Chang How, knew he had found his purpose and renamed the company, Unique Car Beauty Shop. In 2004, Mr. Chang How upgraded to a full workshop and in 2005, introduced customers to Unique’s signature CS-II paint sealant, a proprietary paint protection service that maintains a car’s factory-fresh paint shine as well as protect paintwork against minor scratches and contaminants such as acid rain, fallout and bird droppings.

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In 2010, our company comprised of four branches in Singapore with 30 employees and more than 80,000 track records in the automotive industry. In 2011, Unique opened our first international branch in California and further extended our products and services with offerings catering to distribution companies and affluent individuals throughout the United States.

To better reflect our footprint on the global market, we started CS-II International Inc. With a solid history in the automotive industry, CS-II was created with the sole intent to manufacture high-quality products to an international market. Currently, our operations have expanded throughout Asia, with locations opening in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and Middle East. Our joint venture with Eversuccess Auto, Ltd. has led to established 50/50 shares in Thailand. Eversuccess, which is part of the Eversuccess Auto Group, is based in Singapore and controls offices in seven countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, UAE (Dubai), Myanmar and Namibia. Their strength in the market is clearly demonstrated by averages of 400 transactions of new and used RHD and LHD vehicles on a consistent, monthly basis.

With lucrative opportunities in the United States’ emerging market for auto appearance services, our next objective includes opening the CS-II International Training Institute to teach young entrepreneurs the technical skills needed to run their own auto detailing enterprises. This comprehensive educational program has been refined and modeled for instruction in the United States.
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CS-II Ceramic is gaining popularity as the best coating for their Tesla!
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CS-II Ceramic Coatings are great for all finishes!
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Choose CS-II when only the best will do!