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    Can this product remove swirl marks on my vehicle?

    Yes and No

    Our specially trained technicians are able to remove all swirl marks and you can rest assured that no new ones will be created. However our coatings have the best filling ability on the market and will conceal minor flaws and defects that other coatings will only enhance.

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    What is the best way to wash a CS-II coated surface?

    Technique is key!!!

    Use a small amount of neutral car wash soap with water. Sponge wash, then dry with a soft cloth or chamois. Road tar, bugs, industrial contamination, bird droppings must be removed as soon as possible.

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    What happens to CS-II Paint Coatings after 5 years?

    Is it really permanent?

    Under normal circumstances, up to 70% of the CS-II original protection will still be remaining on the paint. The old CS-II protection can be professionally removed and the product reapplied at any time.

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    Can I add wax to or polish my vehicle?

    Is it really permanent?

    Liquid polishes and waxes contain solvents that can remove the brighteners and/or drift into the deep layers of the paint. Most waxes and polishes also contain abrasives which can damage our coating. For these reasons they are not recommended. While paste wax will not harm the finish and temporarily add to the paint’s gloss, it will not offer the paint any additional protection.

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    What about scratches or marks on my paint?

    Its not bulletproof!

    Very fine scratches may be corrected with the use of CSII Cleaner as directed. Heavier scratches may require professional attention. In some cases where the scratch has removed the majority of the paint, you might be required to do some touch up painting to cover it.

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    After care maintenance?

    Are toppers needed?

    Fortunately, there is no need to wash with special washing soap or shampoo. You can even use an automated car wash to clean your car, although it’s best to stay touchless when possible.

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    Why can’t I apply CS-II coatings myself?

    Improperly used professional products can be disastrous!

    The application is a complicated process including a series of steps, chemicals and special equipment that requires training.

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    How long will my CS-II coating last?

    Coating performance longevity

    The , and . B268 is 1 year per layer with a max of 2 layers. Liquid is

    • 5+ Years for CS-II Titanium Coating
    • 3 Years for CS-II Ceramic Coating
    • 1-2 Years for CS-II Stage 2 Coating
    • 1 Year per layer for B268 (max 2 layers)
    • 6 months to 1 year for CS-II Liquid
    • 4-8 months with Aqua 4
    • 1-2 years CS-II Clear Vue
    • 1-2 years CS-II Rim Coating

    Longevity and performance can be severely affected by neglect