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Instead of wax, Aqua protects and shines your car with Silica Glass and Silicone Resin layers.

Aqua is an eco-friendly, safe, non-wax surface care product.

Liquid Glass for car care has been widely used in Asia, Europe and Japan for more than a decade.
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Aqua 4 Liquid Glass is liquid form of silica glass. Innovative technology has enabled the application of liquid glass under normal temperatures without the use of special equipment.

Glass is one of the most stable materials available in nature. It's hard and chemical-resist. Glass is easy to keep clean. Just think about your ceramic dishes and bowls in your kitchen. Dirt and grime just wash away! Glass does not lose its shine!

It's a very thin layer and it binds the inside of a paint layer. If you were to take a look at a car's paint with high-performance microscope, you would see lots of micro holes. Nano-size Aqua silica glass particles penetrate these holes to bind with the first layer of paint, creating a strong finish that won't crack or break! Silicone Resin is extremely water-repellent. Because of the smooth surface, it is easy to wipe off. Water beads roll off at 35mph. Water doesn't stay on the surface of the car, so it dry quickly.

Just spray Aqua rinse off with water, wipe dry and lightly buff with a clean and dry microfiber towel. With repeated use, you can really see more and more glass-like shine. Each time you apply Aqua, the glass layer thickens on your car's surface. This further increases not only shine, but also paint surface strength, improving protection and durability. You will not find this self-improving feature in any wax or other car care products.
The glass layer provides additional protection of up to 6 months or even more with multiple applications. The aqua resin layer provides months of protection. Aqua makes the car’s surface water repellent that makes water slide off the coated surface and removes unwanted water spots. There’s no need to use special tools to apply the Aqua. You just need to rinse off the soap and then spray it on the wet car surface rinse off and wipe dry. Wipe it with a dry soft microfiber towel and you’ll have a smooth and shiny surface.
The glass layer produced with the use of aqua has an Industry Standard Hardness of H. That means it can protect against light scratches made by, iron dust, weeds and nails.

Aqua creates a smooth finish that repels animal droppings and dirt. You can easily clean daily dirt and grime with the use of water and sponge. Glass is a good protector against acid rain, salt from the sea, road salt, and other chemicals.

Aqua utilizes the power of glass (SiO2) that provide beautiful sheen for a long period of time. The material used in aqua is non-toxic and can produce an effective coating without the need of special tools or maintaining the temperature of the room.

How Aqua 4 works?

The Nano-sized Silica Glass particles penetrate and bind with the molecules of the car paint to create a hard protective layer that provides an enduring bond. Then the Silicone Resin shields the Silica Glass layer to provide a very smooth and shiny finish. It also has super water repellent properties.

After applying Aqua, the protective Silicone Resin layer starts to deteriorate naturally. This gradual deterioration over time will not impact the integrity of the car’s paint layer as the glass polymer particles are small enough to penetrate the coat of paint. The aqua provides additional protection up to a year. When used regularly, the glass layer becomes thicker. It increases the protection, strength, luster, and durability of the car’s surface. These are effects that can’t be acquired from regular car wax.
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