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CS-II TitaniumSH coating is our newest coating and leads the coating industry into an entirely different direction. Where most coatings are concerned with being the hardest (9h), we felt that a softer coating that self healed under the sun was far more beneficial than trying to create a surface that resisted scratching. The bottom line is that putting on a hard coating on soft paint won’t make it scratch resistant, so why not make it automatically heal while being outside? Now self healing doesn’t mean you can scratch the paint with a key down to the metal and expect it to magically heal nor does it mean that it is easily scratched. Actual scratch resistance is on par with other coatings but by being softer, it has the ability to reflow under heat. The limits of this technology are similar to what you find on the best paint protection films from Suntek and Xpel except in those cases they require a heat gun or hair dryer to heal from damage. In our case, you just need 110-150 degF of heat which is easily achieved on a sunny day.

The Benefits of TitaniumSH Coating:
  • Permanent protection
  • Self heals marring and light scratches in 100-150+ deg F
  • Slick/smooth surface
  • High adhesive strength
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • No cracking enabling an Easy-To-Clean surface
  • Maintains a deep high gloss finish for 3 years per layer (stackable to 5 years)
  • Anti-dirt/graffiti qualities
  • Resistant to formation of light scratches and swirl marks
  • Less water spots and fingerprints
  • Long lasting, easy to clean surface. Self-cleaning effect.
  • Quick drying, excellent brightness, high gloss and hardness.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and color retention.
  • Easy to clean surface against salts, calcium, oil, grease & other contaminants.
  • UV blocking (90%) & thermal resistance, weather resistant.
  • Stops salt efflorescence
  • Insect repellent
  • Preserves resale value of the car
  • No need to wax or polish for 3-5 years

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CS-II TitaniumSH is to be applied by CS-II Certified Professionals Only.
SERVICE MSRP: Starting from $1800.00